Becoming a dentist was just a dream ….

…. and you won´t believe how it came true.

I won the university´s lottery for a place at dental school; straight after I finished high school.
Cool, eh?

But how did I become a HOLISTIC dentist?

By the time my training came to an end I realized that there was something missing. The approach to what is called cure was merely a one way street – treating symptoms and doing repair work. Hardly anybody was looking at the REAL causes of gum disease or tooth decay.

Even today only a few dentists acknowledge the effect their work has on the patients overall health. Other than Quantum Physics most dental and medical professionals deny the connection between teeth and organs and neglect the fact that everything on earth (and beyond) is linked.

My first step to holistic dentistry was a two years training in Homoeopathy starting in 1989. During this time I was fortunate enough to meet some extraordinary medical doctors and dentists who introduced me to various complementary diagnostic and treatment methods.

Further the way I took classes in Thermography, Bioresonance, Hypnotherapy, and Autogenic Training. I tried these methods first for myself and if fitting into my concept, I took them on board. Some methods suited my style, others didn’t.

In 1992 I came across Applied Kinesiology — a fantastic way of diagnosing and testing materials, medicine, food, supplements — you name it, I tested it.
It is an easy way to check if a muscle responds strong or weak  (if you did some hours of intensive training). A real advantage is that it is easy for the patient to feel and understand why the muscle is testing strong or weak.

The most mind blowing event was learning about the connection between teeth and organs via meridians. Have a look at the interactive tooth chart. Understanding this correlation, I could heal many medical problems by treating the corresponding tooth and the other way round treating an organ to heal the tooth problem.
This totally convinced me of the correctness of my holistic approach.

Weston Price’s “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” and  George Meinig’s “Root Canal Cover Up” are two of the most amazing eye-openers I came along.

Since then my interest in nutrition steadyly increased. From my first classes in Homoepathy I knew that this HOLISTIC thinking (out of the box,  seeing the bigger picture), and working would become my way of practicing dentistry.

In 1996, I established a holistic clinic in the south of Germany with my wife, a medical doctor. Our patients were medically examined before dental treatment to check if they were “ok” for the dentist. Some required medical treatment before being able to cope with dental procedures, hence they received therapies such as detoxification, supplementation …  before “drilling” started.

In 1999 I was awarded Doctor of F.-X. Mayr Medicine, an Austrian qualification dealing with nutrition, anatomy and physiology.
In 2000 I took the examination for Naturopath (“Heilpraktiker” in Germany) allowing me to do more medical treatment myself.

From 2002 onwards I got even more  involved in personal development, training in “The Journey” by Brandon Bays,  “PSYCK-K” by Richard Schultz,  “Ella” by E.Kensington and some others.

Always open to new ideas, developments and techniques, I find that especially “challenging” experiences can be used positively to grow to more strength.

 I have just released my first book which I wrote together with a good friend of mine Graeme Dinnen.   A very exciting project!
Luckily we are surrounded by real Thought Leaders in their area of expertise.  Thank you @Nick Tadd, @Vanessa Warwick, @Tom Evans, @Andy Fairweather @Len Goss