Making Your Own Toothpaste

Chapter 6


Making Your Own Toothpaste


If you are a fan of do-it-yourself or just want to be absolutely sure to have no ‘nasties’ in your tooth paste, why not prepare your own tooth paste?

It is cheap to produce.

Our guidelines are easy to follow.

You only need three household ingredients.

There are many benefits to this.

How cool is that?



How You Brush, Floss and Tongue Scrape

Chapter 5


How You Brush, Floss and Tongue Scrape


Brushing your teeth regularly is what most people assume to be sufficient to keep their teeth healthy.

Most people brush for less than a total of two minutes per day. Only a few consider flossing necessary.

Other cleaning techniques like tongue scraping are rarely used.

Do you know how your diet affects the health of your teeth?

If you have a gum condition it is possible that improper brushing and flossing can make the problem even worse.

You need to try the Dr. Philips Blotting Technique.



The Dr. Phillips Blotting Technique

Chapter 4


The Dr. Phillips Blotting Technique


Still worried about the condition of your gums, your teeth or even your breath?

Here is the solution to your bleeding gums.

You are about to uncover one of the best kept secrets in dentistry.

Over forty years ago this simple technique to keeping gums healthy was developed yet it was only used by Dr Phillips’ patients.

It is an easy-to-follow method.

We are thrilled to introduce this tried and tested technique to our readers.



Gum Dis-ease

Chapter 3


Gum Dis-ease

Your teeth are healthy but the gums need to come out!

Ever heard your dentist saying that?

You brush and floss you even use a water pik and mouthwash and still your gums bleed, swell or shrink.

You are about to learn why this happens and why it is so important to have healthy teeth as well as healthy gums.

It´s time to rid yourself of this condition for ever!



Tooth Decay: Affects Your Whole Body

Chapter 2


Tooth Decay: Affects Your Whole Body


Is it really germs, bugs or worms that make your teeth decay?

Forget for a moment everything you’ve ever learned about how and why teeth decay.

The truth is by far more exciting.

As soon as you discover the real causes you are able to act accordingly and prevent decay from ever setting in again.

We´ll put you ‘in the know’.

Knowledge is the best weapon against ignorance.



The Living Tooth

Chapter 1


The Living Tooth

Discover that your teeth are as hollow as Swiss cheese.

They are living organs with nerves and blood vessels.

Understanding the structure of your teeth will give you the knowledge you need when you want to make a sound decision in the dental chair.

It´s your choice to make them happy or depressed depending on how you treat them.

Imagine it can be you not your dentist to keep your teeth and gums healthy for a lifetime and saving lots of money on your dental bills.

Follow us on a fascinating journey of discovery.



Why Minerals Are Essential For Your Teeth & Gums

Nothing says “health” better than a vibrant smile. If you´re lucky enough to have one, it’s a real asset you definitely want to protect. Actually, it’s far more than just appearance: the state of your mouth affects your overall health and your overall health affects your mouth.

Once you start researching the aspects that give you a happy smile you will always find yourself coming to the same conclusion. It´s your dental hygiene regime and your nutrition, your diet, the things you eat and drink day by day that determine your health hence the state of your teeth. A balanced diet is especially important for our children to let them grow into healthy adults. The following story shows the impact food can have on a child´s live making it heaven or hell.

A dentist´s hyperactive son (not mine, luckily) had many teeth decaying. A hair analysis was taken showing that his sodium was just out-of-this-world high, and a lot of other scores were high. So first thing the normal table salt was replaced by celtic sea salt, he got off the meat and off preservatives (as good as possible). No more junk food and sugar. But he still had cavities. Then his father suspected he might be allergic to homogenized milk. Got him off the milk, put him on minerals and vitamin supplements. He hasn’t had a cavity since and he’s not hyperactive anymore. He went from just barely passing kindergarten to making A’s and B’s now.

Why Modern Humans Are Mineral Deficient

Today it is highly recommended to supplement your diet with minerals because the soils have long become severely mineral deficient due to over farming. The predicted increase in degenerative diseases such as Diabetes, Obesity, Cancer, Heart Disease, Gum Disease and many more are an obvious marker for this and has already reached epidemic proportions.

On top of the deficiency of the soil there are further threads like contaminated water and polluted air, harmful chemicals and toxic emissions.

If you suffer from gum disease, decaying teeth or loose teeth, it is very likely that you suffer from mineral deficiency. You might especially lack on zinc, iron, copper, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Hence it is important to add minerals to your daily diet. This is even more important as your food, whether it is conventionally or biologically grown, doesn´t supply you with sufficient minerals to keep your body healthy in the first place.

The average dietary intake of e.g. zinc (7.8mg) is a lot less than the RDA of 15mg. If a mother is breastfeeding this amount should be 25mg, three times the average intake. This leaves breastfed infants hopelessly deficient in a mineral that is essential for all growth processes including intellectual development.

How To Get All Minerals Your Body Requires To Stay Healthy?

As technology became more advanced, the temptation to fiddle around with food, water and air increases. The efforts to bring “science“ to a new level of understanding and profitability raises as well. Thus many people think GMO (Genetically  Modified Organism) are the biggest breakthrough to fight starvation.

Dr. David Ehrenfield, Professor of Biology at Rutgers University says “Genetic Engineering is often justified as a human technology, one that feeds more people with better food. Nothing could be further from the truth. With very few exceptions, the whole point of genetic engineering is to increase sales of chemicals and bio-engineered products to dependent farmers.”

With the use of traditional mineral supplements, there is still a massive lack of minerals in people´s daily intake because most of these mineral supplements are not fully absorbable. This why it is recommended to have a plant derived mineral supplement that your body can metabolize to almost 100%.

Why Fluoridation is no option.

Research has shown for many years that putting fluorides into water supply or taking via tablets etc. does not reduce dental cavity. The Swiss city of Basel stopped their Fluoridation after they did not achieve any improvement in decaying teeth.

There is proof that fluorides do a lot of harm such as increasing genetic damage, hip fractures , infertility, dental fluorosis …. and fluorides are highly toxic.

The best way to keep your teeth, gums and actually your whole body healthy is by applying a balanced diet, a strict hygiene regime, physical exercises ….. and always look at the bright side of life…

Dr. Elmar Jung

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Five Simple Steps to Maintain Healthy Gums and Teeth

Why is it that with all the technically advanced toothbrushes, toothpastes and mouthwashes available today, the incidence of gum disease and tooth decay is higher than ever before?

We even see young children suffering from gum disease.



There are three main reasons


1. The food we eat today is so lacking in nutrients that we derive far less benefit from it then our ancestors. Carbonated drinks, juices (apple juice as a pH of only 2), sugary food, processed food and artificial sweeteners all add to this burden.




2. The daily cleaning habits are often insufficient in removing harmful bacteria from teeth, gums and tongue and do not reflect the need for a healthy mouth.

Toothpastes and mouthwashes  are not necessarily the most appropriate option for promoting oral health.

The modern methods ingrained into us through persistent marketing clearly haven’t been as effective as we are led to believe, especially with the overuse of chemicals.


3. Both 1 and 2 lead to an environment in your mouth that is more likely to be acidic then alkaline. And it´s only in an acidic mouth that harmful bacteria, that feed on sugars and carbohydrates, can thrive and infection starts.




Gum disease and Tooth decay are Infections!      


Mouth breathing, sinus problems, braces, acid reflux, bulimia and prescription drugs can increase acidity.

Bad breath might be a first sign the mouth gets too acidic. Other symptoms can be erosion of tooth enamel, discolouring of teeth and tooth sensitivity to cold and hot.


If someone in your family is suffering from gum disease or reoccurring tooth decay it is quite likely other family members have the same bacteria in their mouth as we pass them around.


Traditional cultures, the ones that haven´t converted to our so called civilised Western diet, hardly ever suffer from gum disease or tooth decay.





           The new era of prevention


To really keep your children´s and your own teeth sparkly white and healthy it is important to move beyond brushing, flossing and rinsing to a new standard of prevention.

Today prevention should first focus on changing the oral environment. The pH (acidic / alkaline level) of the mouth should be around 7 which mean it is alkaline.

This is achieved by using a totally different approach to oral health.


Your Whole Mouth Cleaning Programme


  1. Saliva check with pH testing paper
  2. Rinse with baking soda  for an alkaline mouth
  3. Clean your teeth, gums and tongue with your Blotting Brush
  4. Desinfect and store your Blotting Brush safely
  5. Add Xylitol and Probiotics to your diet



First the saliva pH needs to be tested and monitored over a period of at least five weeks and periodically afterwards. This is easily done with pH strips. To measure the pH of saliva fill a teaspoon with saliva and place a strip of the measuring paper in the liquid. After a few seconds remove the paper and read the pH by comparing the colour of the paper with the test strip provided. Always test at the same time of the day. I recommend straight after getting out of bed. Do not drink or eat for two hours before testing.

If the pH is below 7 it is even more important to follow the next steps to regain healthy alkaline saliva.


Second use an alkaline mouth rinse before start cleaning teeth. The most affordable way is using baking soda in a mix with luke warm water. Swished around your teeth for a minute will provide a highly alkaline environment.


Third is cleaning your teeth, gums and tongue.

According to research people in the U.S. spend an average of only 37 seconds brushing their teeth. You and your child can do better!

As long as your teeth and gums are healthy use any tooth brush you like but make sure it has a small head to reach every area. Electric tooth brushes especially the ultra-sonic ones are very effective.

Brushing without toothpaste allows your child to feel the bacterial biofilm before and after brushing, which is not possible when using toothpaste due to the flavour and wetting agents. Toothpaste makes the mouth feel clean even when it’s not. Dry brush first until the teeth feel clean and taste clean, then add toothpaste. Choose a toothpaste with as little as possible chemicals. Make sure it is flouride and sodium laureth sulphat free.


If your child already suffers from gum problems and / or tooth decay I recommend using  the Blotting Brush and Dr. Phillips Blotting Technique (for details see Blotting Brushes are used without toothpaste.


Now floss your teeth. The Blotting Brush can do this for you as well. Watch the video here


Flossing is followed by tongue scraping. The process of tongue cleaning removes millions of bacteria, decaying food debris, fungi, yeast (e.g. candida), and dead cells. This process is vital as 80-95% of bad breath originates from material at the back of the tongue. For best results gently scrape the surface of the tongue from the back to the front. Run the scraper under the tap after every scrape.

Watch  for a funny and educational video clip.


Fourth. You need to clean your toothbrush after every use for at least 30 seconds with an antibacterial rinse such as Listerine original. Then rinse the bristles with water and store it head up allowing to dry. Keep your toothbrushes away from each other and never share toothbrushes! Change your toothbrushes regularly.



    Fifth. Introducing  Xylitol and Probiotics into your daily diet. Xylitol is a tooth friendly sugar, which         kills harmful bacteria in the mouth and has amazing benefits for teeth and general health. Xylitol comes in many different forms such as mints, gums, tooth paste, powder, granules or nasal spray. Look for products like those from Spry that are 100 percent xylitol-sweetened and available in health food stores or online.

Aim for five exposures of xylitol each day.

Most important to have Xylitol after each meal.


Oral probiotics (e.g EvoraKids) deliver millions of friendly bacteria to change the balance of bacteria in your mouth. Use them twice daily.



This  protocol is inexpensive, easy to follow, and, more importantly, you’ll notice a difference within a few days.


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Yours in healthy gums & teeth


Dr. Elmar Jung

Do you know the hidden secret of water?

Clean drinking water...not self-evident for ev...

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The Hidden Secret of Water

I will show you a secret that only few people know. You will be one of the first to discover this. You will need:
1. a pair of scissors
2. a paper in your favourite colour
3. a pen in your favourite colour
4. a bottle of water

With the scissors, cut a circle from your paper the same size as the bottom of your water bottle. Before you place the paper under your water bottle you write a four letter word on this paper.

What do you write on this paper? That’s the big secret.

What’s more, this secret is scientifically proven. A world of which every living entity shares a part, and yet about which we knew very little… until the groundbreaking work of a pioneering Japanese researcher, whose astonishing discovery about water, documented photographically, changed most of what we didn’t know and led to a new consciousness of Earth’s most precious resource. “The messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves”.

See and

Okay, as a holistic doctor and non medical practitioner, I present to you the secret of water! Please write on the paper, with your total intention and focus of meaning, the four letter word:


This will change the energy of your water significantly. As you drink your water always think “Thank you”, “Love” or whatever positive affirmation you want to manifest.


Dr Elmar Jung Holistic Dentist

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