One Tiny Filling…

This illustrates the power of a holistic approach to dentistry
My holistic clinic was just opened for a couple of months when a mum, let’s call her Anja, with her 9 year old daughter, Christine, phoned for an appointment.


When they entered the surgery, both were in tears. Anja told us that she heard how our treatment was differently, and we were their last hope because it was just a couple of days before the GP and her head teacher would send Christine into a psychiatric clinic because they thought she was simulating all of her symptoms.

Christine carried a plaster on her left leg and she took unbelievable amounts of antibiotics, steroids and cortisone. Her whole body looked soaked with water – she was probabaly double the weight she should have been.

An Unbelieveable Story:

Christine went from GP to GP to sort out a pain in her leg and multiple other dysfunctions such as allergies, hyperactivity, not being able to concentrate, poor memory… The plaster was put on simply because the doctors didn’t know where the pain was coming from!

Mercury Poisoning

I examined her dental status and found a little mercury filling. Asking Anja when this was put in, she answered that it was a couple of weeks before the problems started. I sensed that this little filling could have caused the tragedy and pain this little girl was going through for almost a year. I sent Christine straight away to check for a possible mercury poisoning. The result was stunning. She was poisoned by mercury at a very high level.

Psychiatric Clinic

I called her head teacher and asked him to suspend the decision to lock her up in Psychiatric clinic, and after a long discussion he agreed.

My colleague started a very soft detox, and I removed the tiny mercury filling with as little drilling and as much suction and security as possible. She had to stop all medication because they all tested bad for her.

Getting Better

After one week her leg was without pain and the plaster was taken off. After another three weeks her “mental” symptoms started to get better and she lost weight.

We could convince her GP and head teacher to leave her in our treatment for a couple of more weeks. Every week she felt better, and after three months she was almost back to normal, back to school and one of the best in her class.